How to efficiently install a guttering for your home

The guttering around your house is not just an external accessory, but is a vital element in keeping rainwater out of your home. You should properly fit a gutter to enable it to hold the water that falls on your roof and channel it away from your home to avoid damage to the foundations. If you are planning to install vinyl or aluminium sectional gutters, simply follow the easy steps listed below to efficiently fit your new guttering system.

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Felt roofing – the tried and trusted choice

Felt roofing has more than proved its worth over the years. It remains a very popular choice for flat, pitched or curved roofs, particularly on garages and sheds. This is not surprising, as technological advances have resulted in a range of superior quality materials and finishes, addressing the shortcomings of older style felt roofing. These days, if a felt roof is installed and maintained properly, it will prove to be hard-wearing and provide excellent protection from wind and rain. That's why this roofing company specialises in the kind of quality felt roofing Sheffield householders demand. Felt roofing is also the ideal choice for balconies, as it is resistant to damage from footfall. Added to this, it is inexpensive, quick to install and can be repaired easily.

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Styles of roof tile for your home

Roof tiles

Roofs of tile and slate have been with us for a very long time, with early examples of fired clay tiles found in Greece dating back to 3000BC. Of course, fashion, climate and available materials have varied styles as time has passed. In Southern Europe the terracotta half-pipe tile, or pantile, is very popular. Cheap to produce from the local clay and easy to fit, they date back several millennia and panoramas of cities such as Florence would not be the same without them.

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