Hiring a Plumber

Plumbers and hiring one

It’s the worst case scenario; it’s a Saturday, meaning it’s quite possibly your day off. You rise from your bed lethargically and walk downstairs to the kitchen to give yourself the live-saving cup of tea that has been your life-blood for about a decade now. Somehow, in your tiredness, you realise something’s very different about the kitchen today, however you just can’t put your finger on it. You walk into the living room, and as the tea gradually wakes you up you realise that for some reason your feet are absolutely soaking wet. You walk into the hall, no wetness there; the dog hasn’t had an accident obviously. You walk back into the kitchen and realise with horror that somehow you’re ankle deep in water. Looking outside and seeing the dazzling sunny day makes you think that the floor can’t be weather related, so you open the cupboard under the sink. Ah time to call in a plumber. Continue reading “Hiring a Plumber”