How to efficiently install a guttering for your home

The guttering around your house is not just an external accessory, but is a vital element in keeping rainwater out of your home. You should properly fit a gutter to enable it to hold the water that falls on your roof and channel it away from your home to avoid damage to the foundations. If you are planning to install vinyl or aluminium sectional gutters, simply follow the easy steps listed below to efficiently fit your new guttering system.

Estimate and measure your guttering requirements

Examine the exterior of your home to determine how you would prefer your gutters to channel the water. Your gutter should hold the water as it falls on the roof and direct it to an area where it will drain away. Start by measuring along the edges of your roof. Gutters are generally available in 10-foot sections. This fact will enable you to determine the number of sections of gutter that you will require. You should add 10 percent to your measurements to account for wastage, as you will need to cut some pieces to fit in with your measurements.

Next, combine your roof measurement with your gutter layout plan to calculate the number of other gutter components that you will require. This includes the gutter elbows, drop outlets, corners and end pieces. You will also need to use mounting brackets for every 24 to 30 inches of the gutter run.

Install the gutters

Commence installing the gutters by starting at the end of your roof away from the location of the downspout. Measure down half an inch from the edge of your roof and mark it with a string level. Slowly proceed to the downspout end of the roof and again measure and mark down 1/2 inch from the roof edge. A string level will ensure that these marks are in line with each other. You should adjust them if required.

Calculate the slope

Your guttering should slope downward 1/16 inch for every foot of run or 5/8 inch for every 10 feet of run. Calculate the slope that your gutter will require so the water will flow towards the downspout. Do this by measuring down this distance from the first mark at the downspout end. Create a chalk line from the lower mark at the downspout end to the single mark at the far end. This chalk line will be your reference line for installing your gutters.

Fit the gutter components

Use a power drill with a screwdriver bit and rust resistant screws to install the gutter components of your gutter system. This includes the drop outlets to be fitted at the downspout end, the corners and mounting brackets. Fit individual sections of gutter into the mounting brackets and join the sections with gutter connectors. Cut the gutter sections to fit when necessary with a hacksaw.

Apply a little silicone caulk between the gutter sections to prevent water from seeping in through the seams. Install an elbow at the bottom of the drop outlet. Measure, cut and install the downspout to the base of the drop outlet. Finally, firmly fit the mounting brackets to connect the downspout to the side of your house.

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