Why is it important to get a professional to unblock drains?

Getting your drains unblocked can be a challenge, especially if you attempt it yourself. That's why it's best to leave this kind of job to professional plumbers who are fully trained in how to fix these problems. Try and do it yourself and you could cause more damage in the long run, in some cases causing the drains to flood, the toilet to overflow and your garden to flood. Avoid any disasters by seeking a qualified plumber.

Usually, the first signs of a blocked drain is when the water doesn't flow through it properly. An unpleasant smell can occur which suggests it needs to be checked out. If the smell is severe, this can mean that sewage is trapped in the drains. A plumber will be able to assess the problem and determine the best cause of action.It's important that the householder takes responsibility for any blockages by calling a plumber if it affects the drainage systems which lead up the sewer as by law, most modern drains are the responsibility of the home owners.

Unblocking a drainage problem

One of the first things that a plumber will do is to assess the type of drainage system before attempting to do any unblocking. The most commonly used is the single stack system where both the soil and wastewater pipes are connected in a single stack. Drains usually run underground in straight lines, connecting the inspection chambers, gullies, fittings and stacks. The inspection chambers or manholes exist at every place where pipes join, or where the direction of the pipes change. The age of your property can determine where the inspection chambers are and what they are made of. For example in older houses the inspection chambers are usually made of cast iron and galvanized steel for covers, whereas in modern houses they are usually plastic chambers with iron or steel covers.

A plumber will determine where the problems are and how to best find and clear the blockage. If you attempt to do this yourself you could cause unforeseen damage, so it's best to get this professionally checked out for this reason alone. A plumber will have a variety of tools such as drain rods which are flexible enough to clear a blockage between the manhole and the house. A plumber loosens any blockage by screwing two rods together and working them through the chamber to the blockage, moving the rods back and forth in a clockwise direction to stops the rods becoming loose. Once the blockage has been cleared, the plumber will then flush the chamber to ensure any debris has been fully removed from the drain. A blockage could be caused by all sorts of things including debris, fat, hair or even leaves depending on where the drain is located.

Whatever your plumbing problem, if you're feeling unsure of where to get help, a good place to look is online at this forum for plumbers which has a wealth of plumbing advice and questions where people can find relevant answers to unblocking their drains.  Alternatively, if you need to hire a plumber you can perform an online search to find what you are looking for. For example you might write the keywords 'plumbers Bexley' to find local plumbing services if you're based in South East London. You can repeat this search, replacing 'Bexley' with any town or city located nearby to find your nearest plumber.

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