Don’t scrimp on boiler repairs – how to find reliable professionals

Repairing a boiler is not a simple job and shouldn’t be undertaken by the DIY enthusiast, you will need to find a company like Expert Plumbing Services. There are a number of bodies responsible for approving plumbers and confirming that their work is safe and to an appropriate standard. The problem with hiring a plumber is that the work they do is complex and not easily understood and can make a layperson feel intimidated into paying whatever amount is quoted at them. There is an assumption that plumbers are expensive and jobs always wind up costing more than the original quote. An alternative is to train as a plumber yourself and fix your own boiler! It isn’t for everyone but you could save some costs and even make a living from it. plumbing careers can be as simple to identify as typing in ‘plumbing career info’ to your web browser and seeing where it takes you.

If you decide to enlist the services of a plumber the problem is that there are, unfortunately, dishonest plumbers who are happy to take advantage and claim that repairs are needed when they are not. However, plumbing is a regulated sector and it is becoming easier to spot potential con men and ensure you only hire a reliable professional. The trick is identifying the trustworthy experts. A good way to get feedback on a plumber before hiring them is to look at their website and check for reviews of their work on the Internet. Be wary, though. No information can be as bad a sign as bad reviews.

Any reputable firm should be able to provide you with references from previous customers. Any refusal to do so is a warning sign that they may not be as honest as you think. Reputable plumbers will often be signed up to a local plumbers website such as or you could search for your region on the Internet by looking for plumbers Newcastle, for example.

Bear in mind the following when finding your plumber;

Try to find a plumber who is a member of the Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering; they will have qualifications and/or extensive experience.

Get several quotes from different companies and ask about call out fees, price per hour and if they charge by person on the job.

Always ask for a written quote and make sure the final cost isn’t too different.

As mentioned, you could always train as a plumber and do the work yourself. Plumbing isn’t for everyone but it can be a satisfying and rewarding job. There is more to plumbing than fixing leaks, plumbers are expected to be trained in the following;

  • Fitting appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines
  • Fitting and repairing heating systems
  • Fitting bathrooms
  • Emergency repairs at all times of day and night

There are a number of qualifications that you will need to have before you can work as a plumber and to complete these you will need to identify a work placement in order to achieve the practical parts of the qualification. To work as a gas engineer you will need additional accreditations and you will also have to be registered on the Gas Safe register (previously known as CORGI.) Courses are available at colleges but you could also consider training as an apprentice.


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