Four criteria that you should consider when choosing colours for carpet

Selecting the correct carpet colour for your home is an important decision that you will have to make. Especially since fitting a carpet is an expensive investment, and once installed, it is a floor covering that you will have to live with for quite a while. It will also serve as the base or foundation on which you will build the rest of your interior decor. There are four criteria that you should consider when deciding upon the colour of the carpet, such as the level of foot traffic and the frequency of the need to use vacuum cleaners; the existing use of space; the decor of the room; and a personality match for you. Once you decide on the right colour for your carpet, you can get in touch with this Leicester company, who can provide you with professional carpet cleaners that will offer help cleaning your carpets.

Level of traffic

Determine for what purpose your carpet will be used. Will it be walked on a lot, or not much? The higher the number of people that you will have walking on your carpet, the greater will be its susceptibility to staining, spillage and having dirt embedded in the fibres. Moreover, if you own pets or have a non-paved pathway outside your house, your carpet will tend to gather even more dirt. Consider using dark coloured carpets which will help you hide stains, dirt and other signs of wear and tear much better that light coloured carpets. You can however use light coloured carpets, but ensure that they are treated with a stain resistant coating by the manufacturer prior to purchase.

Existing space considerations

Is the space in the room that you want to install the carpet in a dark or light area? Do you want to use the carpet to add brightness in a dark room or are you keen to tone down a bright area. If your intention is to lighten up a dark room, use a red coloured carpet. This colour instantly brightens up a dull room, masks stains and wears well. Use a light coloured carpet to tone done a sunny room. If you room gets excessive sunlight, you have to be careful to prevent the colour of dark coloured carpets from fading. This can be overcome with curtains and shades, as well as by regular rotation of the carpet in the room.

Personality and design blend

Consider your personality preference. If you are a normally relaxed person, warm and earthy carpet shades will suit you. If you are a detail-oriented person, you may prefer carets in shades of white, blue, black, gray and jewel tones.

You should also bear in mind the decor of your room, as it should have a singular focal area. This focus could either be the carpet or other objects such as exquisite furniture, decorative objects or a wall painting. If the carpet is not the focus point, it should complement the other objects in the room. If you want to play absolutely safe on colour, opt for beige, as it complements practically any decor, and also serve to camouflage stains, dirt and other dust particles.

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